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Emerald Contracting Cotp

The staff consists of a salaried and contracted professional construction management team that is the backbone of ECC and works nationwide to ensure the scheduled completion of customer projects. The majority of these employees have worked many years with and/or for the principals in their current capacity and are familiar with the diverse locations.

A database of 5000 qualified subcontractors and suppliers throughout continental US, North America, Hawaii, Alaska and the Caribbean provides the conduit for projects to be completed properly and within budget. These companies, both large and small, are selected based on their past performance and matched to the type and size of the project for their particular trade.

The trades include site, concrete, masonry, steel, HVAC, fire protection, plumbing, security, life/safety, framing/drywall, carpentry, paint, flooring, glazing, signage, landscaping, environmental and any number of specialty trades required by customers and their architects.

Suppliers are available regionally and locally for a host of building materials and specialties including basic construction items, millwork, kitchen/restaurant equipment, tile/stone finishes, engineered materials, metal finishes, storage/conveying systems and any conceivable material/product for any conceivable application desired.

The core of the national work is the customer’s retail sites in malls, outlet centers, strip malls, airports, train stations, highway rest areas, walking malls, downtown areas and stand alone locations. Among these types of facilities are stores, restaurants, warehouses, offices, showrooms and other support centers for the operations.

Locally, ECC undertakes residential, industrial, manufacturing, public and restoration projects in urban, industrial and suburban areas throughout the tri-state area.


ECC actively pursues development opportunities for new and rehab residential projects in a variety of settings. Planning, financing, site acquisition, construction, sale and management can be accomplished with the integrated efforts of ECC and their partners currently in place to start and complete these projects. Some types would include rehabbing existing apartments, new condominium complexes and complete demolition and alternative redevelopment of existing areas.

Among the typical commercial development projects are offices, mixed use buildings combining office and specific use space (storage, warehouse, packaging, ect.), steel buildings and facilities for light manufacturing and assembly. ECC will frequently partner with financers or owners to share expertise and management of these facilities.


ECC offers construction management services to fill the clients varied needs. Specifically, negotiation of contracts, contract management, budgeting, scheduling, site/safety management and direct project management and coordination are areas of expertise performed by ECC staff.

ECC will work and coordinate hand and hand with designers, architects, general contractors and prime contractors to assure customer satisfaction in the fulfillment of their construction requirements.


Design- ECC is affiliated with architects and designers to cover a wide range of applications and ideas for retailers, fashion designers/coordinators, food service industries, material handlers, assembly/manufacturers and many additional corporate clients.

Architectural- ECC works directly with numerous architects/engineers nationwide to provide site surveys, drawings for construction, specifications and state stamping for permits. All construction documentation can be developed to satisfy local, state and national building codes in every city in every state in the United States.

Permits- ECC has developed relationships with expediting services regionally and locally for every state and area in North America to deal with every local processing requirement.

Service- After completion of all projects, ECC provides customer’s operational personnel with a database of companies to provide maintenance support and the organizations that will service the warranty requirements of the construction of their sites. ECC will manage any repairs, emergencies or warranty work that may arise during the operation of the facility.

Open Remodel- ECC specializes in the management and construction of renovations to sites that need to continue to operate for business. ECC segregates the areas to be renovated from the active areas to provide a safe work zone for construction personnel and workers in those structures. Open remodels are undertaken in department stores, specialty stores, offices, medical buildings, residential buildings, hospitals and any workplace where work or commerce must continue.



·         DUNS: 194215815

·         CAGE: 781Q6

New Jersey

·         Public Works Certificate No.: 714871

·         Business Registration Certificate No.: 1479092

·         Category 5 Small Business Enterprise No.: A0058-48

·         DPMC Classified C-009

·         Prequalified in General Construction/Alterations & Additions by NJ Schools Development Authority

·         Corporate ID No.: 0400080323

Also licensed in:

·         California                             # 944252                                                             

·         Florida                                  # CGC1513654                                                  

·         Georgia                                # 10036906         

·         Illinois                                   # 3943-4338       

·         Maryland                             # 15459095         

·         Massachusetts                  # CS-106071       

·         Virginia                                 # 2705125572    

·         Washington                        # 602-998-666

·         New York                             N/A

·         Louisiana                             # 60872

Hawaii                                   # BC-34987


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