General Contracting

The staff consists of a salaried and contracted professional construction management team that is the backbone of ECC and works nationwide to ensure the scheduled completion of customer projects. The majority of these employees have worked many years with and/or for the principals in their current capacity and are familiar with the diverse locations.

A database of 5000 qualified subcontractors and suppliers throughout the continental US, North America, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Caribbean provides the conduit for projects to be completed properly and within budget. These companies, both large and small, are selected based on their past performance and matched to the type and size of the project for their particular trade.

The trades include site, concrete, masonry, steel, HVAC, fire protection, plumbing, security, life/safety, framing/drywall, carpentry, paint, flooring, glazing, signage, landscaping, environmental and any number of specialty trades required by customers and their architects.

Suppliers are available regionally and locally for a host of building materials and specialties including basic construction items, millwork, kitchen/restaurant equipment, tile/stone finishes, engineered materials, metal finishes, storage/conveying systems, and any conceivable material/product for any conceivable application desired.

The core of the national work is the customer’s retail sites in malls, outlet centers, strip malls, airports, train stations, highway rest areas, walking malls, downtown areas, and stand-alone locations. Among these types of facilities are stores, restaurants, warehouses, offices, showrooms, and other support centers for the operations.

Locally, ECC undertakes residential, industrial, manufacturing, public, and restoration projects in urban, industrial, and suburban areas throughout the tri-state area.

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